3 Ways to Improve Your New Website


So you finally have a website. Congratulations! You have successfully increased your chances of going head to head with today’s companies who are vying for customer attention in the online arena. But having a website is not enough. You have to improve on it continuously. Here are four way on how to do it.

Optimise your website copy with SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. Simply put, SEO services in Brisbane ensure that online users can find your site in search engines when they search for keywords that are relevant to your business. And being visible on search engines is crucial. In one study, researchers found that 81 percent of online shoppers search online first before they make a purchase. Think about it, what’s the point of having a website if your online users can find it?

Create shareworthy content, regularly.

It’s not enough that you have a website. You have to create an online space that many people continue to visit because of relevant content. You have to maintain regular site activity, and this is where content marketing can help. Blogs are the fastest ways to create new content on your website and one of the top ways to gain readership. In one report, researchers found that 45 percent of marketing professionals think that blogs are the most important factor in their content strategy.

Publish a video content on the landing page.

In content marketing, video is king. In one report, researchers concluded that videos posted online would make up roughly 74 percent of all the internet traffic by 2017. The same report also discovered that adding a video content on your website’s landing page can improve your conversion rates by 80 percent. Curated or branded videos are great ways to drive the brand message across, showcase a new product or service or simply touch on the emotional strings of your target market to encourage loyalty.

Make Your Website Competitive

The battle for consumers is not online and having a website is one of the factors that can make our break your business. Use these tips to build a better website towards a stronger brand.