5 Bead Blasting Gun Facts You Should Know

Worker sandblasting

A bead blasting gun is an efficient tool for removing or cleaning any surface deposits. You can also use it as an alternative tool for removing any embedded calcium deposits from your pool tiles. Most people use it to clean metal surfaces such as titanium, aluminum or even stainless steel used in automobiles. 

The great force coming from the equipment guarantees that any of your metal surface or tiles are clean without any worries of damage. But why should you use bead blasting guns instead of abrasive blasting?

Highly efficient

Cleaning any surface will no longer be an issue. Rest assured all those hard-to-reach places would gleam together with the surfaces as well.

Perfect alternative to silica sand

Although silica sand is still legal, it poses a variety of health issues, which includes silicosis. Glass beads are safe to use opposed to any other blast media. 

Costs less

The typical cost of the labour charges is much more expensive than the actual beads. The price may even vary depending on the size of the service, the variety of beads to use, and even the actual material of the object.


Some beads are made from eco-friendly materials like soda lime or other lead-free types of glass. These materials are safe for the environment and will not contaminate any type of water supply. They are chemically inactive, which means that they are not harmful to both humans and the environment.

Longer-lasting protection

You can use these glass beads even for a few cycles before you need to clean the surface again. Most glass beads usually last for at least 4 to 6 cycles before you need to replace them. 

Knowing the benefits of using a bead blasting gun is ideal for people looking for an alternative for other types of blast media. It is highly efficient and affordable at the same time.