Alarm Monitoring Systems: An Overview of the 3 Main Kinds

Fire alarm in an office

Customers frequently ask what the difference is between a fire alarm system and monitoring. A system lets everyone in the building know that there’s a fire and they should evacuate. It often involves devices that go off, but it doesn’t notify the Fire Department. Monitoring, on the other hand, relies on a panel that signals a monitoring station and alerts the Fire Department.

An alarm monitoring system in your Utah office will help protect your business from the devastating effects of fires. The system works alongside your alarm to make sure that no indicators of fire will go unnoticed. It also makes sure that if a fire happens, the Fire Department responds quickly since they get notified immediately. For your office, you can consider the following types of monitoring systems:

The Conventional System

This system can be automatic or manual. Typically, the building is divided into different zones. Each of these sections gets an assigned fire alarm. All the alarms are controlled from the main control point. The conventional system tells you the region where the fire is but not the exact spot it started.

The Addressable System

Perfect for large office spaces, this system locates fires faster. It works like the conventional system in some ways. For instance, every area in the building has a designated fire alarm that traces back to the control panel. However, with this system, you can see the specific alarm that was tripped.

Expanded Options

When you’re looking for an alarm system for your business, you can also consider options such as a sprinkler system. In case of a fire, the system dispenses chemical fire retardant or water. You can also consider ventilation as a way to address fires so that fumes and smoke are reduced in case of a fire to allow evacuation. In some cases, containment systems give better service.

Regardless, a monitoring system will either be manual or automatic. While these services will work the best they can, be sure that your employees also know how to respond in case of a fire. That way, all bases are covered.