Don’t Let Your On-Queue Callers Become Bored or Frustrated

Customer service representative on the phone

Among the many different complaints customer and technical support service centers receive, the one that consistently tops the list is a long wait time. Callers usually don’t have an issue with representatives placing them on hold.

However, problems start when they have to leave the customer with hold music blasting from the other end of the line, or such a deep silence it seems deafening. Whichever of the two situations you put your callers in, you can expect a similar reaction from them — low customer satisfaction.

Long, unproductive wait times equates to customer dissatisfaction

Put yourself in the shoes of your callers: You definitely wouldn’t feel happy when you keep hearing the same sound (that you may even consider noise) over again. The same thing goes true when you hear nothing at all, which you can even mistake for a dropped call. These will only feed customer dissatisfaction, which can impact your business or organization significantly — and even negatively.

Addressing the potential problem of annoyance or even frustration

One of the ideal ways to leave a better impression on your callers, even when they have to wait for several minutes, is to incorporate a “message on hold” feature into your phone system. You can combine one message with a soft, relaxing music that transitions to a new message. This way, you’re providing useful or interesting information to your callers, which helps minimize the onset of boredom or worse, frustration.

Instilling brand recall

With hold messages, you can address the aforementioned problems while also using it as a marketing strategy. With the messages stating your brand and its useful and beneficial products or services, you can improve brand recall amongst those who may want to transact with your business.

The last thing you want is to have dozens of calls on queue with almost everyone waiting to rant to your customer service or technical support staff. Minimize the risks of these happening with interactive messages integrated with your phone system.