Performance Testing: Why Is It So Important?

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Software performance testing is a means of quality assurance. It aims to ensure that the software application’s speed, scalability, and stability will not suffer under heavy workload. Performance testing ensures that the application under test is working as expected under different load conditions by eliminating performance bottlenecks from the system.

Radview discusses the importance of this process.

Performance testing provides information about the application’s speed, stability, and scalability so the project team and stakeholders can easily see if there’s a need to improve the product before releasing it to the market.

A software application that keeps freezing or crashing with poor response time can make your business lose a lot of money. Your e-commerce website crashing during Black Friday because it cannot handle the volume of shoppers is not something you would want to happen. Additionally, launching an application with poor performance metrics can significantly hurt your company’s reputation.

Performance Testing Techniques

Load Testing. This checks the application’s ability to handle loads by constantly increasing the number of concurrent users until it reaches the threshold value.

Stress Testing. Also known as fatigue testing, this technique aims to expose the application to extremely heavy workload that a system would not normally be able to handle. It helps determine the breaking point of the application.

Spike Testing. A subset of stress testing, this is used to see how the application will react to sudden large spikes of workload by concurrent users at the same time.

Endurance Testing. This non-functional type of testing involves checking how the system reacts when exposed to an expected workload over a long period.

Scalability Testing. This technique determines how much addition you need to your software system in terms of capacity. It involves testing the system’s effectiveness and ability to support an increase in user load by scaling up.

Volume Testing. This tests the application’s ability to process a large amount of data while monitoring its performance and behavior.

With so many performance testing tools available today, ensuring that your website or application does not crash unexpectedly is easier. It all just boils down to choosing the right tool for your business. Discuss your needs and goals with a software developer to get professional advice.