Mobile App Trends You Need to Know in 2018

Developer planning app design

Currently there are about 3 billion people worldwide who own a smartphone, and check them an average of 265 times a day. More than ever, mobile app developers need to keep up with trends to produce relevant apps that’ll stand out in such a competitive market.

With each new generation, smartphones offer new ways for developers to innovate with their apps. These are the most exciting trends that promise to make it big in the coming future:

1. The Internet of Things

Kicking off the list is a trend that a few years ago would’ve seemed impossible outside of a sci-fi movie. The Internet of Things has had a steady crawl that had a peak in popularity with devices like Amazon’s Alexa.

To be able to keep your mobile interconnected with other objects is still a somewhat new concept to a lot of people and presents itself as a major opportunity for devs to produce apps that allow users to seamlessly communicate with their objects.

2. Mobile business management

Aiding businesses to get the most out of their financial and security management, as well as a way to streamline processes is a trend many entrepreneurs are keeping their eyes on.

Developers that decide to create apps for enterprise mobile management that offer a great level of scaling have a good chance to capitalise off this trend.

3. M-Commerce

Financial experts and researchers that specialise in financial trend have stated that we’re getting closer to the day our wallets won’t be needed.  Customers will be able to pay for their goods and services without the need of a credit or debit card, instead using an app to assist them in doing so.

Mobile app developers, such as the, are in constant pursuit of innovation that offers users ways to simplify daily processes, whether it be paying for a cup of coffee, making a doctor’s appointment or knowing if they should buy milk.

In their hands and keyboards lie a plethora of opportunities for the future of technology.