Use Social Media to Boost Your Public Relations

Social Media button on a keyboard with speech bubbles

In a 2016 study, researchers found that 62 percent of people in the U.S. get their news from social media. Whether you are releasing a news article, a press release, websites such as Babbler say that social media can help in public relations. Here are three reasons how companies can leverage on this new communications platform.

Social media is short and quick.

Online users have a short attention span. This is one of the reasons why many micro-blogging social networking sites like Twitter stay popular and in demand. You can use social media to share quick and concise news about a company. People scrolling online do not have the time to digest lengthy articles. Post the gist of the PR on social media and give more details via a linked blog post.

Social media is visual.

Social media experts have consistently pointed out that to get people to click on your links, add a visually appealing image. But it’s not just about images anymore. More and more companies are leveraging on the powers of video and how you can drive a message in a 60-minute video. The main point here is that social media is visual and online users go online for nice-looking content. This is also why artistically curated Instagram accounts have a massive following.

Social media is all about engagement.

In the past, if an online user wants to contact a brand or a company, they have to call a hotline or send an email or walk into an office. Social media has changed all that. Now, all it takes is a tweet, a Facebook book, a tagged company, or even as simple as a one-word hashtag for online users to connect with a company. Social media has given people a direct, quick, and easy access to brands. It is all about this type of engagement and direct communication that make social media a great PR tool.

Leverage on Social Media’s Powers

If you want to improve your relations with the public, consider social media as a top tool to use. Your target market is online, and the conversations are waiting to happen. If you are entire newly to public relations and social media, remember these tips and try them for yourself.