4 Important Things about Pressure Vessel Manufacturing

different sizes and types of pressure pipes

Most industrial applications will involve storing or transferring fluids, or use them to run machinery with the help of pressure-controlled valves. These can either be in liquid or gaseous form. Also, the fluids can be of varying temperatures and pressures.

You can use pressure vessels in such applications, as they can handle fluids of different temperatures and pressures. To get the right device for your industrial application, consider asking the manufacturer to customise your pressure equipment. Some factors that manufacturers consider when making these types of equipment include:

Pressure Tests

Before shipping your pressure equipment, the manufacturer must conduct different tests to understand the various capabilities it can deliver. These tests include ferrite test, radiography and hydro test. These tests reveal the properties of the equipment and give you a rough idea of the conditions you can expose this equipment.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Depending on the country and state, different standards determine how various types of equipment should run. These requirements also dictate the specific design parameters and specifications to follow.


The design is among the most important considerations in manufacturing industrial products or equipment. The design of your pressure vessel should meet your industrial requirements. Any design problem can cause severe complications and, eventually, equipment failure. Therefore, optimisation is essential in the design process to minimise the overall cost.

Choice of Material

This involves choosing the material that will go into fabricating your equipment. The standard types include steel, aluminium and carbon alloys, which will determine the overall cost of the pressure equipment. A key factor to dictate your material of choice is the existing condition in your manufacturing department. The right material should deliver your industrial operational demands to suit your application.

Pressure vessels find applications even in harsh industrial environments. It is, therefore, important to get the right equipment for your facility. The appropriate pressure equipment will prevent accidents and minimise the chances of losing fluids and fluid pressure in the equipment. Contact a manufacturer and discuss your specifications.