5 Signs You Need a Business Intelligence Tool

Business Intelligence and Other Business Processes

Are you having trouble putting your business data together? Does that make it difficult for you to make sound decisions for your organization? Integrating processes and analyzing data properly are ways to achieve improved business intelligence, explains Loadspring.

And that’s what business intelligence (BI) tools do. They gather data from different sources to create solutions for the company. Here are five signs that your company is in need of a BI tool.

Tons of data, but no valuable information

The reason data is gathered is so you can come up with actionable information for your business. If you’re not getting anything valuable from your current data because there’s so much of it, a BI tool can help.

IT holds your report data

If you need to have your IT department involved in every report you have to make, it takes up too much time and can be frustrating. BI software allows business users themselves to gather, analyze, and tweak information as needed for their reports.

You’re still using spreadsheets

Spreadsheets used to be the light bulb to difficult data analysis. But for companies that have too much data, these spreadsheets can be too tedious and confusing. A good BI tool can even this out.

You’re afraid to join data from different sources

It’s difficult to try to make sense of data from different sources if they’re not organized. Again, a BI tool is your best answer here.

Your pie charts don’t give you actionable data

Like spreadsheets, charts can no longer work for businesses that have too much data. Their results may not be as accurate anymore. BI tools have smarter ways of analyzing data so its results can be actionable.

If you’re struggling with any of these signs, it’s time for you to invest in a BI tool. Make sure you choose the right one that can meet your business requirements and streamline your processes to create better and more sound decisions for your organization today and in the future.