Hoshin Planning: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Certain management techniques have aided many production houses and manufacturing units to achieve a good deal of success. Some have been more helpful than the others. Some techniques are conventional ones, while others are non-conventional ones.

Hoshin Planning is one such non-conventional and successful management technique. This technique ensures that work progresses as per schedule due to the various checks it incorporates in the planning. This management technique is useful only if common mistakes are avoided, and it is implemented correctly.

Some common mistakes to avoid are:

Failing to build a team culture in the company.

Hoshin planning is effective only if the company can give importance to teamwork. This technique requires a team of people to function efficiently together, to set goals and to monitor their progress.

A company culture that discourages employees from asking questions.

This management technique works if every worker can achieve certain goals and contribute to the target set by the company. The company should encourage questions and have open communication to succeed. They should encourage a work culture in which the employees are well motivated, aware of their important role and willing to work hard to achieve the targets.

Setting targets that are difficult to achieve and understand.

The company should not set wonderful sounding targets, which are not simple to achieve as the employees fail to understand what they are expected to do. The other mistake is making plans that look good on paper but are not useful for the company.

Continuing with a plan, even though it becomes clear that it is disastrous.

No plan can be written in stone because the market and business environment keep altering from time to time. Only those companies that adapt themselves to the changing situations can expect to succeed.

The overall strategy of the company is divided into actions that each employee should follow. The employees are also encouraged to give their feedback when required. This management technique can alter the fortunes of your business as it gives the right course of action to all your employees.