How Companies Can Do Social Good Without CSR

Manager treating the employees right

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR has been a buzzword in the recent years. This came along with the idea of “conscious consumerism.” Many people favor companies that have programs for good cause. As a result, companies tend to misuse and abuse CSR that it has become a marketing ploy.

If you’re one of the smaller players who can’t afford to have a huge CSR activity, here are other ways to make a positive change in the society.

Choose the right partners

Faith Wireless suggests looking at businesses that directly help the community, like cell service providers for churches in Charlotte. What you can do is research well and find such organizations that also commit to doing social good. Support suppliers and providers that stay true to their social responsibility. They will make for an ideal partner.

Treat your employees right

Some companies may feed hundreds of poor children in Africa. But what good is it if they can’t take care of their own employees? Value your employees. Pay them right. Treat them with understanding and kindness. Give them fair benefits. And reward them when your business reaches or exceeds its targets. Remember that your people are your biggest assets.

Help reduce your carbon footprint through your daily activities

Be conscious of your daily transactions. Choose products that do not damage the environment. For instance, switch to paperless. You can also avoid the use of disposable plastic cups in your pantry. Encourage carpooling, and make sure there are places where your workers can park their bikes safely.

Having a CSR campaign for your business is ideal. But not all companies can afford it, and that’s okay. However, if your intention is more than just using it as a marketing strategy, then it will bring greater rewards to your company in the long run.