How to Keep Your Carpet Clean and Make It Last Longer

Cleaning the carpet spill

Carpets are perfect for indoor floors. They keep the floor comfortable to walk on even during winter, and they are usually the answer for slippery floors. They add a layer of cushion, as well, so that kids can play on the floor more safely. Of course, there is the aesthetic factor too, and the help that carpet gives for limiting echo and noise in any room.

The problem with carpets, however, is that they tend to collect dust, dead bugs, food crumbs, and other debris. Apart from possibly causing allergic reactions, the dirt also serves as an abrasive that wears your carpet over time. Without proper carpet cleaning in Salt Lake City, your carpets and area rugs may not last a long time.

Here’s how to take good care of your carpets so they can stay beautiful and last twice as long.

Keep the dirt out

Carpets attract and trap dirt. The best way to keep your carpets clean is to prevent getting them too dirty in the first place. Make sure to put coarse mats outside every entrance to your home and water-absorbent mats indoors. Mats take a large percentage of the dirt and moisture under the soles of shoes, preventing it from entering your home. Don’t let dirt sit on your mats for too long. Shake it out every day and sweep the floor before putting them back. Have them washed at least once a month.

Be careful when vacuuming

Vacuuming your carpet twice or thrice a week helps keep them clean, but be careful when you vacuum. Use the right speed and vacuum height. Make sure you use a clean bag or filter every time you vacuum, as a dirty bag or filter can cut its power to half.

Clean spills immediately

The longer you let the spill sit on the carpet, the harder it will be to remove it. Don’t scrub the affected area. Get a clean, dry towel and dab and blot it on top of the spill until it’s been absorbed. Then get a clean damp cloth. Dab the area lightly until the stain is gone, then use a fan to dry it. Use only a manufacturer-recommended cleaning product for stubborn stains.

Have your carpets professionally cleaned

Professionals can clean your carpets better than DIY work. They can also do it more safely. Just make sure to contact a reputable carpet cleaner. You always get what you pay for with these jobs.

Carpets deserve some good treatment, as they have a particularly demanding job. Follow these suggestions, and you might just enjoy your carpets for a far longer time.