Improving Smiles with Dental Implants in Bromley

Dental implant being testedA complete smile is better looking and usually healthier than one with missing teeth. Dental implants in Bromley can help someone to enjoy the benefits of having all their natural teeth again.

A skilled provider of dental implants, like Bromley Dental Practice, can offer their patients all the information they need to make the decision to go ahead with dental implants in Bromley. This includes details of any challenges involved, as well as the benefits. However, it’s helpful for patients to go into their treatment process with a positive outlook based on the results they can expect.

These are just some of the improvements they can look forward to:

Wide range of food choices

One of the first things that is affected when people start to lose teeth is their ability to choose from a full range of foods. Dental implants can offer people a similar bite pressure to that of natural teeth. They can also cope with gripping and tearing tougher foods without any special preparation. This means that people can eat without restrictions again, once they have dental implants in Bromley.

Improved social life

Many social occasions revolve around food that people often turn them down when they have missing teeth. The restoration of food choices can lead to someone being able to accept all the invitations that they want to again. Missing teeth can also lead to people feeling stigmatised or self-conscious. They might feel that the gaps indicate something about their health, dental hygiene and/or lifestyle choices. Many patients experience elevated levels of self-esteem after dental implants.

Enhanced appearance

Gaps in the smile can be really obtrusive so replacing teeth can solve this. Dental implants can also offer an improvement to the overall appearance of the patient. When someone has missing teeth, their face can take on a sunken appearance due to jawbone deterioration. Once dental implants are in place, they can halt and even reverse some of the deterioration. This is because the implant stimulates the nerves and blood vessels around the area.

A dentist can talk someone through the benefits that are applicable to their particular situation when they start the consultation process for dental implants in Bromley.