The 3 Types Of Awesome Travel Buddies

Tourists sightseeing with a map

Traveling somewhere far for the first time brings an equal amount of excitement and uneasiness for anyone. Reading dozens of blogs, forum advice, and tips from the odd relative hardly beat having a reliable companion on your trip. 

Grabbing any willing friend or family member is a good idea, but it’s also important to consider the kind of travel person they are. Getting stuck with a travel buddy who is clueless, timid, or too absorbed with a smartphone only spells vacation disaster. To make trips as memorable and fun as Instagram makes it out to be, have at least one of the following types of travel companions tag along on your journey.

The Photographer

Pro or not, this type of companion documents everything through a camera lens. Vacation pics won’t be limited to selfies and food shots, and there won’t be a need to ask strangers awkwardly to take your picture with the scenery. A photographer will know all the great angles on all the great-looking spots for that perfect shot. Thanks to him/her, the trip will be well-documented and make for excellent souvenirs after. 

The Planner

This type of traveler knows the value of an organized schedule or itinerary. Once the destination is final, the planner will already have the flight and accommodation booked, all your tourist stops marked on a DMO app, and most probably even have a recommended list of food spots. This buddy will make sure you spend the appropriate amount of time on each stop so you can enjoy the other ones and not miss your flight back home. 

The Foodie

Going hungry won’t be a problem for this type of companion – the only guide that matters for him/her is the stomach. You’ll be touring all the famous and sumptuous food spots in your chosen locale, letting you experience that place’s particular culture through the cuisine. Eating food you’ve never eaten before will be a regular occurrence with this buddy, and you’ll be all the better for it.

Somebody once said that it doesn’t matter where you’re going; it’s who you have beside you. It’s very sound advice for novice travelers, and it never hurts to stack the odds in favor of the best, most memorable travel experience.