Your 3-Step Guide in Making Your Website Usable

people coming up with website ideas

E-commerce is already a constant in the digital age. All types of business are already online. If you’re thinking of building a website, then you should. It’s easy to keep up with changes these days, are there are many suppliers and providers that are willing to help you.

When it comes to websites, it’s best to focus on its design and usability. This is a crucial part that should be done and talked about at the planning stage. Here are some things you ought to keep in mind:

Predict the move of the user

Navigation is everything about usability. You simply cannot put links here and there. There’s a science behind link placements. Through predicting the move and step of your user, you’re actually making it easier for them to go through your website and visit its different pages. To get insights on this, you can conduct surveys or interviews.

Making your website responsive

People are on the go, meaning they’re viewing websites and apps on their mobile phones in a shorter time. With this, it’s important to make your site responsive and easy to load. By doing so, you’re making it fit for mobile use. The elements, page sizes, and link placements are customized for smartphones and tablet computers.

Testing it

Good web design and development is all about usability. To test this particular trait, you need to know how everything works. You can conduct A/B testing to gauge customers’ response. For the technical side, you can have your website and its apps undergo Javascript performance testing.

Making your website usable is not only beneficial for your customers. It also cements your reputation as being a reliable and efficient brand.