Asia-Pacific Internet Users Worry About Cyber Security

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Internet users in the Asia-Pacific region are concerned the most about cyber security, according to the Internet Society’s annual Survey on Internet Policy Issues in Asia-Pacific.

The poll also showed that users are conscious about protecting their data and Internet access, as well as their online privacy. More than 2,000 respondents from 40 countries in the region participated in the survey.

Secure Connection

If you live anywhere in the Asia-Pacific, the technology for Internet connection has become more modernised and updated with the availability of VSAT systems. As cyber security issues become more complex, a majority of the respondents believe that governments should work harder to ensure online privacy and data protection, according to Laurie Patton, executive director of Internet Australia.

In terms of gender, 91% of female and 89% of male respondents said that they are hesitant in providing bank and credit card information online. In addition, more than 70% of all participants believe that more should be done to protect their personal information.

Top Rank

In 2016, cyber security only placed second on the list of concerns among Internet users in the Asia-Pacific region. Hence, the rise to the top signalled the shifting attitudes of consumers despite strengthened regulations in China, Indonesia and South Korea.

Rajnesh Singh, Internet Society’s regional bureau director for Asia-Pacific, said that the poll indicated a need for the public and private sector to cooperate in building safe networks. Government intervention serves as a vital component, but businesses and the general public should do their part to improve confidence when browsing online.

The survey indicates an important trend on consumers’ top priority for Internet products and services. If you are in the business of providing online access, how do you intend to respond to the growing need for improved cyber security?