Better Business Communications: The Selling Points of SIP Trunking

Headset on top of a keyboardBusiness communication isn’t exclusively about calling a hardline telephone anymore. It’s a multimedia field that integrates data, video, and voice in a singular platform, and through IP-based systems instead of wired telephony. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking exemplifies this shift in modern communications.

SIPTRUNK reveals that 45% of businesses already use SIP trunking; the number is set to rise by 6% at the end of 2017, the service provider adds. Clearly, it’s a potentially lucrative opportunity for SIP resellers like you. But for businesses that have yet to make the shift, what selling points can you highlight to persuade potential customers?

Scalability Without the Big Cost

SIP trunking can positively impact your customers’ ROI. Traditional telephony requires more investment in maintenance and manpower whereas SIP is virtual in nature. Calls go through an IP network or the Internet, which means your customers can call anyone in any part of the world without worrying about costly long distance rates.

SIP also enables centralized deployment of applications, allowing businesses a single interface for their operations. In addition, you can guarantee that your customers get call quality and quantity with SIP trunking. In the event of a system failure, direct inward dial (DID) will reroute calls to your VoIP or POTS extension. This means your customers don’t lose business, no matter what.

Productivity Through Unified Communications

The cost savings is merely one aspect to the appeal of SIP trunking. It not only provides cost-efficient management of the system, but also enhances communication throughout an organization.

Businesses with remote offices can make calls and share data in real time. Other companies can securely send faxes and some can offer toll free numbers to their clients. Your customers, whether they’re small business owners looking to expand or large corporations with multiple locations, will experience better communications. This, in turn, enhanced productivity.

SIP trunking offers several opportunities for resellers like you. With a suitable partner for your SIP reselling enterprise, you can meet the unique and changing communication needs of any business. And you’ll profit in the process.