Choosing a GPS Tracking Device

A photo of a GPS orbiting earth

Thanks to the advent of GPS, there is hardly any reason to lose your direction or items today. You can find this useful technology in many applications across different industries and social media.

While choosing a GPS receiver, you can follow this simple guide.

Ensure it has gone through testing via quality simulator

The best way to gauge the reliability of a GPS receiver is by using GNSS signal simulators. This simulator models vehicle and satellite motion, and imitates other environmental factors such as atmospheric and signal characteristics.

By observing how effectively the GPS receiver processes the simulated signals, the device can be fine-tuned to achieve the highest quality.

Decide on real time or passive time tracking&

If you are installing a tracking device on your fleet of vehicles, you may choose to go for either passive or real-time solutions. Real time tracking provides efficient dispatching so that you can know the status of your vehicles at any given time.

Passive tracking, on the other hand, allows you to know the status of your vehicles after they return to the headquarters. Decide which solution is ideal for you before installing it.

Do your homework on costs involved

Different GPS tracking solutions require different amounts to install and maintain. A common misconception among many GPS users is that real time monitoring is costlier than passive tracking due to the monthly Wi-Fi costs involved in real time tracking.

The truth, however, is that real-time solutions have become more affordable over the years, while passive solutions may cost you more due to regular maintenance required.

Collaborate with a competent mapping provider

To allow you to zoom to street levels more effectively, you will need a qualified mapping company to work with. Your mapping provider should also be able to allow you a variety of views including bird’s eye and satellite.

GPS has provided vital solutions for people from all walks of life. To get a GPS device of the utmost quality, do your research on factors such as testing process, tracking mode, and cost of maintenance.