Choosing a Radar Gun Wisely: What to Look For

The current increase in road carnage creates an obvious need to be careful while on the road especially when you are the one on the wheel. Investing in a radar detector will give you the freedom to drive confidently and without fear of violating traffic rules.

Industry expert Radar Sports, LLC notes that modern radar gun designs integrate technology with unique designs to keep you from getting speeding tickets and other penalties. But what does one need to look for in a radar gun for sale? Here are four checks.

Laser Detection

A radar detector with one laser sensor only detects laser beams that lie in front of you, and omits the beams on the sides and behind. On the other hand, a 360-degree detector has two sensors to detect laser beams from all directions.

City Modes

A detector with a city mode is suitable if you drive in urban areas mostly. The city mode minimizes sensitivity so that you do not have to keep getting notifications from signals that are similar to radar gun signals.

Digital Voice Alerts

A digital voice alert notifies you when your radar gun has picked your set signal range. This voice alert is great since you do not have to keep shifting your eyes from the road to check the radar detector’s signal.

Instant-On Protection

You cannot protect yourself against Instant-On radar once it aims at you since it has measured your speed before your detector gives you an alert. Nevertheless, if the radar targets the vehicle ahead of you, a detector with high K-band sensitivity will alert you to offer you Instant-On protection.

Now that you know the various properties to look for when considering radar guns for sale visit a radar gun shop to choose from the different makes and models. You now can be sure to make an informed decision in getting a radar gun that matches your specifications.