For Building Companies: 3 Wonders of BIM You Need to Know

Inside a server room

There is a need to keep up with the growth of a business and its staff. This could require construction or renovation projects for the building. If you’re the owner of a building company, you normally cater to such businesses. You’ll need to keep up with modern technology to stand out from the competition.

One such technology is Building Information Modeling or BIM. PhiCubed explains how it works.

Digital Tool

Building information modeling is a procedure that refers to creating digital replicas or representations of physical parts and functional aspects of places, and then managing these creations. This digital tool is made possible thanks to computers and Internet connection. Now, modeling is not limited to papers and drawings anymore.

Sharing Information

Because BIM companies generate building information on a computer, you have the option to share such information with other designers on your team, as well as with your clients. This information can range from aerial imagery around the construction site to mapping tools or laser scans of existing buildings near the site.

3D and Simulations

Because models are not drawn on paper anymore, you can have a more realistic representation of the building to be constructed. This is possible with the help of computers that allow you to view the models in three dimensions (3D).

Thanks to technology, you can now also do simulations of real-life conditions in the building once it gets completed, such as how light would flow through the building in different seasons, or how the building would consume energy at any given day.

The possibilities are endless with BIM. You just need to find the right partner in creating 3D models for your blueprints. Providing high quality and realistic representations will satisfy your clients.