The Benefits Of Fibre-Optic Internet Over Broadband And Copper Cable Internet

people working at the office

Business owners, landlords, and even freelancers all have one thing in common. They need fast and stable internet. Fortunately, fiber internet now exists. Fibre-optic internet from providers like is much faster and reliable than copper cable or broadband internet. It also provides higher bandwidth which many businesses will appreciate. Here are more advantages of fiber-optic internet.


Your business should never suffer from slow internet speed even when everyone is simultaneously accessing it. However, even the highest-speed available on copper cable internet connections cannot keep up at times. Fibre-optic internet, on the other hand, is significantly faster than different types of internet connections which makes it a must-have for business owners.

Faster Access To The Cloud

In this day and age where almost everything is stored in the cloud, it’s essential to be able to access your data and applications at a moment’s notice and without delay. Faster connection and higher bandwidth capabilities will allow you to be able to do so. This is something businesses can significantly benefit from.


It is a known fact that bad weather can affect copper and broadband internet. Copper cables may even get damaged. Fibre is more durable than copper so it can withstand inclement weather conditions without incurring any damages. Unless it is intentionally cut, fibre is also resistant to electrical and human interference.

Higher Bandwidth

The fibre-optic internet does not have unlimited bandwidth per se, but it offers a much higher bandwidth limit than broadband or copper connections. Higher bandwidth is especially beneficial for activities like SIP trunking, streaming HD videos, web conferencing, file sharing, and accessing cloud applications.

Reduced Latency

A delay in the processing of data due to a slow internet connection is called latency. While it may not affect users much if they are just doing regular internet surfing, it can cause interruptions for VoIP users, as well as when downloading or uploading huge files.

Stable Signal

The signal of the fibre-optic internet remains consistent even over at a distance. The same cannot be said for DSL or broadband connections where the signal degrades the farther you are from the telecommunications room.