The Principles of User Interface Design When it Comes to Mobile Apps

Mobile app development

Mobile applications have taken the business world by storm, and every company is looking to have one. This is attributable to their ability to increase sales tenfold. They also raise brand awareness.

It is, however, of importance to note that having an app is not a guarantee of success. Many factors come into play in determining the effectiveness of an app. One such element is the application’s user design interface. It pays to know the ideologies that should be adopted when it comes to designing the user interface to make sure that you opt for a mobile application development services company such as The App Team that will offer you exactly that.

So what are the prevailing ideologies to be adopted?

App Icon

The trick here is to have an app that looks like a million downloads. Some of the factors to be kept in mind for the app to have this effect is the symbol of the icon. The symbol should stand out making the app instantly recognizable on the client’s mobile screen. The app should also not have a lengthy name and instead, adopt the initials of the company.

Focus on Accessibility

An app should be user-friendly, and one way to do so is to ensure that it is easily accessible. This can be done by adopting a finger-friendly design. Your app should have enough space to make it easy for the user to tap and run any function he or she wishes too. The designer should keep in mind that fingers are 45-57 pixels wide.

Know Your Colors

Different colours bring out mixed emotions. A well-designed app should adopt colours that complement your brand. The chosen colours should make the app appear as an extension of your site. Mixing colours and textures often lead to a poor user experience. One way it does so is by negatively affecting the reading experience.

A mobile app that adopts the above ideologies is bound to perform its role effectively. It will help increase customer loyalty, customer engagement, and brand recognition. For you to secure such an app, ensure you seek help from a reputable mobile app development service.