The Undeniable Increase in Mobile Searches: What It All Means

Person browsing on mobileAs a business owner, keeping abreast of the latest innovations is a must to stay afloat and gain an advantage over the competition. Regardless of your target market, you now must consider incorporating technology into your business strategies as a crucial component to your success. This is especially true nowadays wherein more consumers perform their web inquiries on the go.

Praxent, a custom software solutions provider, highlights the drastic increase in consumers largely dependent on their mobile devices and explains how this can affect your business.

The skyrocketing numbers of mobile searches

In a recent study conducted in 2017, it reported that consumers in the United States spend an average of five hours every day on their mobile devices. This is up by 20 percent from a 2015 study, which further puts the spotlight on mobile searches and the great impact it has on businesses.

This considerable increase in the number of consumers relying on their smartphones, tablets, and other Internet-connected mobile devices is a clear indicator of the value of having a mobile app. The benefits that it brings are some of the most important additions you need to implement for your business as soon as possible, so a mobile app should be amongst your priorities.

A tried and tested marketing method

A critical function that mobile apps serve is marketing. Because it makes access to your products, services, and other essential business information easier using a mobile device, consumers will find your brand more memorable than your competitors who haven’t embraced it yet. This alone makes your branding more effective, which is a must in today’s extremely tight market.

The bottom line is, you should already consider investing in a mobile app developed and launched as soon as possible, as part of your 2018 business strategy. After all, the longer you delay, the greater your potential losses may be.