Types of Satellite Disaster Recovery Communications

Satellite in a tower

Communication plays an important part in any situation. This is especially true when there is an emergency or disaster. You can usually rely on mobile phones or radios to get in touch with people. You might even be able to use data services to access the internet for your business.

However, when cell towers go down, you have a problem. You need something that will work when nothing else will. Satellite disaster recovery communication fits the bill. You have three basic options when it comes to satellite communications. Your choice will depend on your needs.

Handheld unit

The simplest and cheapest option is a handheld satellite phone. This is a good choice if all you want is to make calls. It can be very handy when you have to go to a remote area, or an area where you know there is no cell service. You can get one of these for as little as $400.

You can also rent one for about $40 a week if you only need it for a short time. You typically pay per minute to make a call for this type of service.

Portable satellite

You may have seen this in movies or documentaries. Someone sets up a small satellite antenna in a field and starts receiving or sending data. The equipment is portable and easy to set up even without training. You can choose this if you need to send or receive large amounts of data quickly.

Depending on the equipment, it can have speeds up to four Mbps and can handle voice and audio as well. This type of set up is more expensive than the simple handheld option. It is ideal for businesses and agencies that need access to the Internet on the move.

Fixed satellite

If you need more bandwidth or want to have a backup for your communication needs, you might want to consider a fixed satellite setup. You can access it any time you need it and can get as much as 40 Mbps. It is not easy to install, however. A qualified technician has to set it up where you want it.

It will stay there until another qualified technician moves it. The cost will depend on the data capabilities of the equipment.

Satellite disaster recovery communication is essential during an emergency. It is also an excellent choice for other users. These three types of satellite communications will apply to different situations and needs.