3 Ways to Keep Your Company Data Safe from Cyber Terrorism

data encryption

Since the advent of digital technology, many businesses fall victim to cyber attacks. Criminals won’t stop at anything to get into your data systems and steal valuable information. The past year alone is enough proof that every organization must face this terrifying reality head-on.

Whatever industry you’re in, the looming threat of cyber terrorists on a quest to breach privacy is real. Technology Visionaries LLC shares some key strategies on how to defend your company against cyber terrorism:

Pinpoint Vulnerabilities

Planning for security starts with identifying internal and external weak points of the current system. Try to understand a hacker’s perspective and look for the easiest way to gain access to your company’s data. Once you’re able to determine the system’s vulnerabilities, learn what you can of various fraud threats and schemes involving system hacking, malware, and phishing.

Secure Hardware

Spam e-mails and software breaches may be a hot topic these days, but it’s also crucial to stay on the lookout for hardware interceptions. In fact, most breaches occur when a hacker gets a hold of a company’s physical electronic equipment. Limit the amount of data that your employees can walk away from their computers. All systems should also be physically locked down. There are cloud computing solutions available that can help you track down mobile devices and desktops that are taken.

Encrypt Data

From employee social security numbers to bank account information, today’s online terrorists are on the search for standard company-held information that’s fairly easy to get a hold of. Encrypting is a solid way of protecting these figures. Enforce full-disk encryption tools to protect your system from attackers even when an employee takes a brief break.

Take these smart steps to protect your business from cyber attacks. Train your staff to be aware of potential scams and embrace data security as a part of your company culture.