Amazon Sellers: 4 SEO Tips to Help You Generate Sales

online shopping at Amazon

When most people think about “SEO,” the next word that usually comes to mind is “Google.” That’s fair enough for those who don’t sell on Amazon. But if you’re an Amazon seller, you need to know that the e-commerce brand can also function as a search engine, but it differs significantly from Google. believes that valuable keywords on Amazon can help you rank correctly, and by extension, allow you to generate more sales. Here’s a quick guide to achieving this end:

1. Do Your Audience Research

Know who your audience is, what their pain points are, and what their purchasing behavior is like. Then you can create keywords that aren’t just general definitions of what your selling, but tiered keywords that help narrow down your audience’s search. For example, instead of using “books” you can use “special edition books” or “vintage books.”

2. Create Unique and Powerful Copy

Digital marketers should know that this is your bread and butter. Don’t just describe your product. Emphasize how it can address and solve their pain points that you discovered in your research. Also, your content must sound conversational. Use simple words and always keep in mind that crisp copy is crucial to your conversions and sales.

3. Don’t Mind Your Competitors

Yes, knowing their strategies can help you improve yours, but don’t take it too far as spending too much time just studying them. After determining a more competitive price for your products, it would be better to spend your time working on your SEO strategies rather than comparing it with your rivals.

4. Consistency is Key

Amazon’s structure is different when it comes to keyword ranking. Find the balance between your unique copy and keeping the same approach when it comes to SEO. Use the same order for your keywords when writing your product titles. You can always say more in the description.

Remember that what’s working for Google may not be the same on Amazon. Knowing the difference and how to bring it to your advantage is key to generating more sales through high-value keywords.