Here’s Why Your Business Needs Satellite Recovery Solutions

GPS satellite

There are many types of fixed satellite services these days, but one of the most important services you can get is satellite recovery solutions. Here are three reasons why your business needs one and why it’s the most important business continuity investment you can make.

You’re losing money for every minute of downtime

According to the results of the Information Technology Intelligence Consulting Research, about 98 percent of companies say that one hour of downtime costs them more than $100,000 in losses. But that’s not all, approximately 81 percent of the surveys respondents say that one hour of downtime cost them more than $300,000. If your business has operations across the globe, can you afford to lose this much for every single hour your services are down?

You’re losing your customers and good business reputation…fast

Apart from the loss of sales revenue, your team will not have access to product or customer data when downtime hits. Now, just imagine how this could impact customer satisfaction. And when your customer experience is low, the business reputation suffers. And if you think you can get back lost customers soon, think again. In a 201 4 surveys, findings showed that it takes at least two years before customers can regain their trust in your brand.

You’re losing money due to low employee productivity

If people don’t trust your brand, imagine who your employees feel because of the bad press. Low morale, low productivity, and high turnover rates go together. Downtime not only costs you losses in sales revenue but you’re also paying people for the job not done due to system issues.

Secure Your Connectivity

Employ good business continuity plans to help you avoid these types of business losses. Secure satellite recovery solutions for your business so you can safeguard your brand.