Maximize Remote Video Surveillance Systems with IP-Based Cameras

surveillance camera

Surveillance cameras are a crucial consideration when implementing a security solution for large businesses. The rule also applies when you need to monitor a large space. Security services for car dealerships and warehouses, in particular, cannot simply rely on a roving guard on their premises; they need remote video surveillance systems to cover all their bases, as well.

If you’re one such company looking for state-of-the-art security cameras, then consider Internet Protocol or IP-based cameras.

High-Definition Image Resolution

IP-based cameras are gaining popularity as reliable security surveillance tools due to its high-definition videos. Current models’ are so powerful that they start with a resolution of at least 1280 by 720 pixels. This allows the security system to record sharp and identifiable images. Clear videos, in turn, can deter criminal activity and provide law enforcers with better evidence.

IP-based cameras often have pan-tilt-zoom functions, as well, which result in a wider field of vision. A well-designed camera network can help you prevent blind spots in the system.

Useful Video Analytics

Surveillance systems that use IP-based cameras can immediately flag suspicious events, such as movement inside your place of business outside of work hours. Video analytics, together with motion alarms, night-vision capabilities, and automatic recording, ensure that your business is fully secure at all times.

Cameras with video analytics can be configured to send notifications and recorded footage to your phone and any of your staff’s. Some can even be programmed to send notifications directly to local law enforcers for immediate action.

Simpler System Setup

An IP-based camera can be powered through a power over Ethernet or PoE adapter, reducing the necessary wires and power sources. PoE adapters also allow the camera to send its data more securely.

two surveillance camerasThe total value of a full IP-based camera system is comparable to the cost of full analog camera systems. While an individual IP camera may cost a bit more, its wider field of vision translates to using fewer cameras overall. A full IP system, therefore, can be set up more easily and at a reasonable cost.

The additional features of Internet Protocol surveillance cameras improve your security and give you ease of access to the data it records. Investing in the latest technology also ensures your system can adapt to future developments.