Three Mistakes to Avoid with Your Home CCTV Camera

a technician installs a CCTV camera in strategic position

If you have security cameras at home or are planning to install some, then you already know how beneficial they can be. They play a key role in protecting your home and family, after all. CCTV Cameras in South Africa can deter burglars and vandals, preventing break-ins and keeping trespassers away. However, these cameras will be useless if you position or install them the wrong way. Read on to know what not to do.

1. Don’t place the CCTV cameras too high

Many people assume that when they place their cameras at the highest point possible, they will get a better picture. Unfortunately, while the position would provide a wider, bird’s eye view of your property, you will not get an image clear enough to reveal details you might need. Be strategic in your placement, but don’t compromise quality when you do.

2. Don’t assume that your cameras can multi-task

Unfortunately, a majority of people tend to forget that a single camera cannot cover several areas at one time. It cannot pick up a car’s plate number and the face of an intruder all at the same time. In that case, when deciding the placement of your camera, be sure you know what you want it to do. You can also get multiple cameras and prepare a coverage placement diagram to ensure that you have enough cameras to capture all the details you want.

3. Don’t forget to secure your cameras

When intruders plan to rob your home, they will consider the possibility of there being a CCTV camera. The best way to deal with this is by placing your cameras in areas where others can’t easily spot or tamper with them. Also, make sure to protect your equipment from harsh weather conditions.

CCTV cameras can effectively protect your home, especially when you use them the right way. Enlist the help of professionals if you’re unsure of how to best place them around your property.