Three Office Hacks for a More Organised Desk

Neat and Organized Workspace

Working in an office means having to deal with people and papers. You may have a big pile on your desk, and you haven’t even gotten to the bottom of it to get a quick glance. There is just something going on all the time.

Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the clutter. Here are three office organisation hacks to help you keep everything under control:

Label Cables and Wires

You have the cable for the desktop, the printer, your phone chargers and so many other gadgets. It gets confusing having to deal with the mess. You’ll find it so much easier if you didn’t have to do a trial-and-error every time you’re picking up a cable wire. By using self-laminating labels on each cable, you can easily identify which one you need. Choose different colours to make each one even more distinguishable.

Hide Extensions

You may need extensions cords to accommodate all the gadgets and equipment you need to be plugged in, but extensions do not look good when you’re trying to be organised. Rather than letting the cable go anywhere and potentially cause accidents, keep all the extra length in a drawer. Or you can also have the extension attached to the underside of your table. Out of sight, out of mind.

Keep a List

Let’s be real. You probably have several lists. That’s the problem. You feel like you need to separate one list from another, just to be organised. It’s so much easier to take a glance at a list and know what you need to do, though. A clever idea is to have a paper roll tape on your desk, so you can just write anything on it anytime. This works great for grocery lists, too. Then, when you’re heading out or going home, you can just cut off the list and have it in your wallet for easy access.

A few changes in your workspace can go a long way. With these office hacks, you’ll be more productive, and you’ll look the part, too.