Why Should Your Travel Agency Have a Mobile App?

Mobile Application

People stay connected while on the go through their mobile devices. Since the first survey on smartphone ownership conducted in 2011 by the Pew Research Center, the percentage of Americans owning a smartphone is now up 77%, compared to 2011’s 35%.

Why is this information important to your travel agency? Like many businesses, you want to establish your online presence and make your services known to travel enthusiasts. One way of doing this is by developing a destination marketing organization (DMO) mobile app, with the intention of promoting places to increase the visitor experience.

Apart from this, why does your travel agency need a mobile app?

Convenient Booking

Mobile apps offer users the convenience of booking their vacations through a secured network. They can save travel preferences and passport information fast and easy, which are attractive features, especially for people who like to travel.

Improved Customer Service

Ever heard of push notifications? Mobile apps allow users to use this feature, which sends an alert every time new information comes. If you send out newsletters, push notifications will let the user know that they have an unread email and does not let it get lost in the sea of other messages. These include changes concerning flight details – arrival, departure, or delay.


Having an exclusive branded mobile application gives you an edge on the market. This distinguishes you from the rest and adds value to your services. Plus, this gives you the opportunity to highlight all the features of your destinations without the interruption of other brands.

Apart from social media profiles and websites, try developing a mobile app for your agency. Its multifunctionality saves travelers a headache, as it contains categorized content, making it a beautifully curated app that balances inspiration and usability.