Easy Solutions to Common Office Hazards

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Whether you work in an office or at home, your workspace can pose a threat to anyone. Wires and power cables can cause trips, falls, or even electric shock if left unorganised. Many people often think organising a workspace can be tedious and take up much of their time, but there are simple ways to keep your workspace clean and well-ordered.

Many people use different materials to keep their cables and wires, but the best way you can organise them is with self laminating labels. You can wrap the label around each cable to identify them easily. Here are other solutions anyone can use to lessen office workspace hazards.

Lift wires off the floor

Don’t leave wires and cables lying on the floor. Lift them off and put them together with a zip-tie. Use a wall hook and hang these cables under the table or on a wall.

Tuck cables in a tube

Split wire looms are corrugated tubes that have a slit on the side where you can put in all your wires and cables. Instead of seeing all that wire clutter on the floor, you’ll only see one big one, which can be easily hidden along a wall or behind furniture.

Use anti-flame material

Fire extinguishers are a must in every office, but you can also make use of flame-retardant wire sleeves that can reduce the spread of fire. An exposed wire can and catch fire and spread if it lies in a bundle with other cables and wires.

Make sharp edges blunt

Broken or brittle plastic casings, cracked glass or sharp table edges can be wrapped with corrugated cardboard and duct tape to avoid accidental lacerations at work.

Safety must always be the priority in any workspace, whether at home or in an office. Knowing that your office is hazard-free will help improve productivity and promote safety.