Importance of the Medium and Filter Sizing of Side Stream Filtration Systems

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Finding the right sizing for the medium and the filter of side stream filtration systems is important in handling a cooling tower's recirculation rate. Whilst they do not control the entire flow (as the design of side stream filters go), these parts still control a percentage of water systems. And in fact, they are known to offer a significant improvement in water quality.

The Medium’s Importance notes that in a side stream filtration system, the medium is one of the most valuable parts. Its design aims to hold a particular quantity of solids. So long as it is properly sized, the solids will easily go through the filter. You could not say the same about a wrongly sized medium, though. With the wrong size, clogging could be a problem when it comes to larger quantities.

The size of the medium matters because this medium should hold a solid properly during backwashing. It should also prevent a suspended solid from entering. Otherwise, the medium will be incapable of removing particles. It is either that or it will not remove the particles that are most likely to settle.

Filters and Their Design

Just like the medium, you should find the right sizing for a cooling tower filtration system’s filter as well. You can calculate the filter size by assuming you can accomplish the removal of solids in a practical period. Analyse the particles thoroughly before the removal and other course of treatments start. Otherwise, deposits will begin forming.

To sum it all up, you should learn about the medium and filter sizing because these are integral parts of side stream filtration systems for cooling towers. Other than the savings you get due to reduced water consumption, your knowledge of these matters will lead to better control of the fouling and depositions in water systems. More importantly, it will help you maximise the overall efficiency of filtration systems.