Sports Talk: 3 Personal Traits Needed by Athletes

Basketball Players

When you watch them in action, you probably can’t help but marvel at the world-class athletes’ physical prowess. Perhaps what you don’t see, however, are the personal traits that also make them successful in their sports.

If you want to become an athlete yourself, here are some personal qualities you should try to develop.


First of all, the decision to become an athlete should be yours and yours alone. As such, whether or not you have the support of other people, you must find reasons to do what needs to be done, however difficult, to become an athlete.

If you want to become a baseball pitcher, for instance, don’t wait to be told to practice. Go find a speed pitch cage, set up your radar speed guns, and throw fastballs and curveballs to develop your game.


When you already know how to motivate yourself, develop your self-discipline next to help you stay the course. And discipline here isn’t limited to regular practices to get better at your chosen sport. It also covers non-sports-related activities that’ll help you take care of your body and overall health.

These include eating right, getting plenty of rest and sleep and avoiding harmful vices like smoking.


Lastly, believe in yourself, so all your self-motivation and -discipline won’t go to waste. Be the person who takes the game-winning three-point shot in a basketball match, for example. The shot may or may not go in, but what’s important is you’re confident enough to take it.

Your self-confidence should come from the knowledge that you’ve trained hard to be able to do it and that there’s still a chance for you to improve in case you fail.

Yes, the right body type, skills and training are important for you to become an athlete. The right personality traits, however, will help you become a better, if not great, one.