The Easy Target: 3 Things You’d Never Expect to Attract Burglars

Burglar breaking in a house

When it comes to home security, homeowners often do this one fatal mistake: underestimating burglars, while overestimating their safety measures. The fact is thieves are more cunning than you think, as they pay attention to details you ignore, making your home vulnerable. Burglars often don’t strike randomly. They scour the neighborhood, looking for potential targets and these are the things they pay attention to:

1. Untidy Yard

Untrimmed trees, unkempt hedges, and overflowing trash bins are a sign that you’re not home frequently. That gives burglars a big opportunity to intrude without much fuss. They’ll be able to hide in all that clutter while trying to enter your house.

Plus, if you have the habit of leaving tools in your yard — let’s say a ladder or a hammer — then that gives them more leverage in breaking in. They’ll use the ladder to access your second floor or the hammer to smash your window. So tidy up your yard regularly. If you don’t want to do the dirty work for curb appeal, at least do it for your home’s security.

2. You Answer to a Knock

Burglars don’t just scan neighborhoods on a car while driving around. Sometimes, they would come up to your front door and pretend that they’re someone they’re not, like a plumber or a mailman, asking for directions.

When you answer them, they’ll be able to peep inside your home and check out your locks better. When you don’t answer, that informs them that you’re not at home during that time. An effective deterrent for these burglars who love checking out homes up close is a CCTV. When they know they might be caught in camera, there’s a high chance they’ll skip that property. This is why it’s best that you get security camera installation that Utah experts offer.

3. Cute Car Stickers

As much as you love having family car decals, burglars love checking them out too. It gives a peek into what your household is like, what your interests are and which possessions each of the family members may have. Do you have a teenage son? Then most likely, there are gadgets to ransack. Dad who plays golf? Nice, expensive equipment can be expected. For your safety and security, avoid sticking family car stickers.

Don’t underestimate the mind of a burglar and don’t be lax on your home security. Remember these little details thieves pay attention to so you can better protect your property.