The Two Kinds of Customers You Need to Pay Attention to

Analytics tools and other apps will tell you there are so many demographics to consider for your business. They can be divided by age, gender, location, or even meat preference. But for now, forget about all those divisions. You only need to know two kinds of customers and work around their differences.

The Tourists

Many businesses thrive on catering to tourists, especially if their business is located in a hotspot for visitors or is near a must-see landmark. These are the hotels, souvenir shops, postcard sellers, and even food junctions. They know that the customers will not be staying permanently. They try to make an impression so that customers will come back before they leave the place, or when they return to visit again.

It’s easy to track and attract tourists using tourist apps that detail the city’s attractions, such as Visit Widget. The more interactive the app is, the better. It could also incorporate maps and directions to certain landmarks to guide tourists to where they want to go next.

The Locals

When it comes to locals, the rules are different. These people are usually more forgiving, except if you make a colossal mistake. They tend to be in the same place most days, and they hang around the same areas if they are satisfied with the service. To cater to them, some businesses have decided to do away with the usual welcome greeting and instead usher them in with a warm “Welcome back.” The idea is to make them feel at home and to give the impression that they are remembered. Personalized service works wonders for customer loyalty.

Though the two kinds of customers may seem to be divided by a hard line, that is not the case. Some of the locals do like to enjoy the city just as a tourist would, and some tourists stay long enough to be a resident of the city for a few weeks or months. But knowing the two kinds will help you list down the strategies that will hopefully work best for your business.