Ways to Promote Health and Safety in the Workplace

Healthy office workers

In one survey, researchers found that people are 20 percent more prone to catching a cold when flying in a commercial plane. This is because you are stuck for a period in a confined space with recycled air.

Now, the same risk can apply if you are at the office where you stay between 8 to 9 hours with air conditioning. But the corporate workplace is not the only place where you can easily get sick.

Here are some tips on how to prevent illnesses and the spread of disease in the general workplace.

Mind the dust

If you think dust is a minor problem, think again. In the corporate workplace, it can be such a small thing. You can easily solve this through improved housekeeping. But if you are working at a construction site that makes use of finishing equipment such as abrasive blasting tools, dust is a huge problem.

It can easily get in your eyes, nose, and mouth and can cause several health conditions, including respiratory problems. This is why many construction companies get dust collectors for their daily operations.

Keep your work area clean

If you are working in a corporate office, you are directly and 100 percent responsible for keeping your work area clean. You can opt to sanitize your desk every single day if you want too. This is your personal space.

You may not have much control about how your other team members handle the sanitization of their workspaces or how the maintenance team manages the pantry, but you have total control of your working space.

Take a sick leave when you need to

Do not be a martyr. No one will think of you as a hero if you come into work when you are down with the flu. Work from home if you need to but do not go the office and risk your office mates’ safety and health. It is important for HR teams to keep employees aware of the flu season as well.

Consider these tips so you can help promote safety in the workplace. The more people are aware of how to prevent getting sick at work, the better operations will be.