What Can You Do to Be a Better Doctor?

Being a doctor is to practice one of the noblest professions, that of making sure patients get better and live healthier lives. But doctors are human too, which means the quality of care one may receive from one may vary from what one can get from another.

When you look at doctors, you’ll see that there are those who have succeeded far more than others. It may not always be true for everyone, but there are certain qualities a doctor must have to be successful in the field, and that success isn’t always about money. Here are some of the qualities that you may need to experience more success as a physician.


Skill is good and very important for a doctor, but a doctor must also have the competence to apply their skill. A patient will always expect their doctor to be highly competent in making a diagnosis. You must also be competent in performing a procedure or delivering a therapy. Competence also matters a lot when the patient comes back for a follow-up. Patients want to feel secure in the knowledge that their doctor is highly competent.

Proficiency in Technology

Technologies are always developing in the medical field, and doctors are expected to be highly proficient in technologies that apply to their specialization. For example, telemedicine providers in the USA have made it easier and more convenient for doctors and patients to be in contact with each other for checkups and follow-ups using an app. If you, as a doctor, do not use such an app, you are missing out on a service that lets you help your patients faster and in a more convenient way. Patients see convenience as a valuable service from their doctor. Using such an app also makes it easier for doctors to treat patients even when they are at home, spending more time with their family.


Don’t just walk into a patient’s room and make a grim announcement. Somehow, this cold approach can make something grim feel even worse for the patient. Acknowledge your patient and engage them in a conversation, preferably about something that may make them feel better. Many patients complain not about their physician’s skill or competence, but about the lack of communication. Be the doctor that makes the patient feel they’re with a friend who only wants what’s best for them.

You can be a good doctor, but you must always consider what can make you a better doctor. Treat your patients as if they were family, and keep yourself updated with new technologies to make sure you offer the best care.